Las Vegas visionaries and Founders of Murder Inc.

Myer Lansky / Benjiman "Bugsy" Siegel

The Bug & Meyer Mob was formed in 1921 by Siegel and Lansky, where Meyer was the brains and Bugsy was the brawn. It was a gun-for-hire gang, but their forte was taking on contracts, (AKA) "hitmen". Bugsy eventually would head out to Las Vegas NV and open a casino, the The Flamingo Las Vegas.


Myer Lansky`s Sterling Silver Dice

To show his best friend how much he appreciated his efforts and loyalty, Bugsy gave Meyer these sterling silver dice on the opening night of the Flamingo Las Vegas. Meyer was a well known dice man growing up and this was the ultimate gift. Inscribed: To M L from B S dated 12 26 46


C.O.A. from the family of Meyer Lansky

This is the letter from the Lansky family that accompanies the pair of sterling silver dice given to Myer Lansky by Bugsy Siegel. The night of 12-26-1946 at the Grand Opening of the Flamingo in Las Vegas Nevada. 

The ultimate Flamingo Las Vegas collectible.


The first Flamingo Brochure

12/26 1946 TO 1 /10 1947